I'm Jared.
From happypath.

I design and build great websites
I'm Jared from Happypath, We build great websites for small businesses in Melbourne
I help small business owners in Melbourne with their websites and digital marketing

About Jared

Hello, I'm Jared, from happypath digital marketing, in Melbourne, Australia.

I've been making websites since the mid 1990s when I was at university in the UK studying Communications and Media. Back then the world wide web was quite new and exciting, even on a 28.8Kb modem and with 256 colours.

I was so excited by it, when I finished my degree I went off to get a Master of Science degree in Multimedia Applications.

Where I've worked

After university I landed a job as a designer with a big London TV and media company. We built websites for their television programmes, and then I went to work on a dedicated music website which was run by the same company.

I spent some time at a design agency where I built a website for a UK Division One Football Club, and worked on some fun stuff like The National Lottery website, and a thing called Web TV that nobody used much.

I did some freelance illustration work too.

Jared is a webssite developer at happypath. happypath designs websites for small businesses in Melbourne
happypath designs websites for small businesses in Melbourne

Moving to Australia

In 2003 I came to Australia and changed myself to Australian.

Since then have worked for a medical college, a national charity, a business organisation, a big 4 bank, and as a freelance website developer.

I have designed, built and managed websites, and web applications. Run email and social media campaigns. Designed, coded, created content, and worked in accessibility, optimisation, marketing automation, and SEO. All the good stuff.

I'm a middle-aged runner and uncool dad. I live by the sea but I have never been surfing.

We've already helped these clients with a fabulous website...

I found this experience so easy and straightforward. I have had a lot of issues in the past with other providers which didn't do what I asked and found follow up and future changes cost more on top of what I had paid. Jared came up with some great ideas to help with the SEO which helps more traffic come to my website. I can't recommend Happy Path highly enough and if you're looking for a web designer who's affordable, listens to the needs of your business, and gets your website up and running in a matter of weeks then Happy Path are the people for you.

5 stars

Would love to give Happy Path 6/5 because Jared always goes above and beyond. His attention to detail is unparalleled. I love how easy it has been to work with Jared to get me a website that is professional, beautiful and functional. It's rare to find someone with so much skill and expertise who can deliver on time, and definitely within budget at the same time as having a sense of humour. I do not hesitate to recommend Jared to all my business associates. He's a genuine good hearted person who takes great pride in delivering a premium service.

5 stars

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