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While our all-inclusive package delivers exceptional value, perhaps you're looking for something more tailored?

If your specific needs or ideas extend beyond what our all inclusive package offers, let's talk. Whether your concept is fully formed or still taking shape, we can help transform your initial thoughts into reality.

What we can do

We can create a website that meets your specific requirements. Your bespoke website could include more advanced features like e-commerce, content management systems, sales funnels, email marketing, interactive storytelling, complex animation, and specific web applications.

Maybe you want regular SEO optimised blog posts writing? We can do that too.

Because we code original websites we are not limited to what is available in a pre-bought template, we can build whatever you want. Whatever it is, it will always be optimised for high performance, security and speed.

Get in touch to discuss your project ideas and receive a competitive, no-obligation quote for a website that's tailored precisely to your needs.

Let's make your business stand out with a website designed just for you.

Bespoke website design

Built to your specific requirements

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Things you might like to know

We update your website for you
Most website companies build you a website then hand it over for you to run with a content management system (CMS), like Wordpress. This is often where the problems start. Being able to update your own content sounds good, until you do something wrong, break your website then have to pay to get it fixed. We offer a fully managed service. If you want to make a change, like adding a blog post, a new staff member or service, just get in touch and we will make the updates for you. And because we know what we are doing, everything will be optimised for speed and SEO. You can get on with running your business and trust us to run your website.
We can help you with email, and domain names
It is preferable that you own your own domain name, you might already have one. We can work with you to configure your domain name to point to your new happypath website. If you don't already have a domain we can help you with that too. We recommend VentraIP as they are an Australian company, we have used them for over 10 years and found them to be excellent.

At happypath we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to run our websites, this does not enable us to offer email accounts. We recommend a google workspace account that you can get for about AUS$10 a month, we can configure your domain name to work with these accounts. We also think these are better than the standard webmail accounts offered by hosting companies.
We don't use Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace
We prefer to build and own our code. It is more secure against hackers and we can make your website perform much better. Sitebuilders like Wix allow you to build a website using drag and drop content and prebuilt templates. If you want to do this that's great, but you don't need us. Sitebuilders allow you to make a website without any development skills, That's the whole point.
Handcoded websites perform better
Systems like Wordpress often have a lot of unnecessary code, this makes them flexible but can also make your website slower than it should be. At happypath we hand code websites, removing anything that is not required and optimising everything for speed and SEO. We compress all the images to make use of the latest file formats and serve different images for mobile and desktop visitors. Wordpress sites usually make use of plugins to allow specific features. These plugins need to be continuously updated and maintained for security reasons. Once a security issue is discovered in a plugin it's game on for hackers. Wordpress type websites use databases to hold the text and images of the website. Once a hacker has access to this database they can change anything on your site, or add malicious code.
All hosting and maintenance fees are included
Many webdesigners charge you upfront for the website then various recurring fees for hosting, maintenance, backups, updates etc. We roll everything into a single monthly fee. There is nothing extra to pay on top of this.
There is a minimum contract
We require a minimum 12 month contract which covers our initial design and build costs. After that if you want to go with someone else we will move your website to alternative hosting (you need to arrange this). Our contract contains full details.
How we optimise our websites for SEO
'Onsite' or 'technical' SEO is the practice of optimising your website code and content so it is highly performant for search engines. Before embarking on any paid SEO activities or Pay per click advertising it is recommended you have your onpage SEO in a solid condition. Some SEO agencies offer a techical SEO review as a service, which doesn't say much for the quality of the original website. All happypath websites are optimised for performance, schema markup, semantically correct, fully accessible, highly compressed and delivered from a high speed Content Delivery Network. Because we update your website on your behalf it will stay this way - any new content follows the same standard as the original build.
We do bespoke projects
If you need something more specific get in touch, we can provide a quote for all kinds of projects.

Consider the benefits of a happypath website

Our websites are custom designed

Uniquely crafted designs

We don't use pre-made templates.

We carefully plan and design from scratch making sure you have a unique and perfectly suited website for your business. We create content that communicates effectively and directly, to get the outcomes you want.

Carefully handwritten code

Did we say don't use templates? We don't use templates.

Anyone can buy a pre-built website, add your logo, stick in some AI text and send you the invoice before lunch.

We don't do that. That's not how great websites get made.

Every line of code, and the text on your site is written by us, for a reason. It makes your website better and focused on your customers.

Our websites are hand coded
We are your website department

We are your website department

We pride ourselves on being super client focused.

Communication is everything. As a boutique company you talk to us same day, direct. We'll answer your questions, solve your problems, and make your updates. That's our promise.

Superior loading speeds

We build lightning fast websites (like this one).

Nobody wants to wait for a website to load, and research shows they won't. Every additional second of waiting equals a 10% loss of potential customers.

All our sites live on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is much faster than conventional webhosting.

These are some small business owners who are having a hard time with their websites
Our websites are hosted on a super fast Content Delivery Network

Built for search engines

Google loves well performing websites and ranks them higher in search results than slower ones.

We optimise our sites for technical 'on-page' SEO from the very start. Our sites score 100% (or really, really near) on each of Google's 4 ranking criteria.

AA Accessibility compliant

We follow the WCAG AA accessibility guidelines strictly to make sure our websites can be properly used by assistive technology users, people with colourblindness, or just older eyes, hands and ears.

Accessibility is good for everyone.

Our websites are fully accessible and WCAG AA compliant
Our websites are fully responsive and work on any device

Fully optimised for mobile

By default all our websites are built to work on any size of screen or device. We also use the latest mobile image compression technology to achieve the highest speeds possible.

Safe and secure

Nearly 2 out of 3 websites use Wordpress, this makes them an easy and attractive target for hackers. Hundreds of thousands are hacked and defaced every year, maybe even yours.

We don't use Wordpress or databases, so there's nothing to hack.

Our websites are secure and unhackable
Our websites are environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Our sites live on an environmentally friendly Content Delivery Network powered by green energy.

Additionally we work in a solar powered office, and we make our own coffee in proper cups.

Australian made

We build websites in Melbourne. Nothing is outsourced cheaply overseas, or outsourced at all.

We are 100% responsible for the quality of our work.

Our websites are designed and built in Melbourne

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