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You've got a great website, preferably one of ours! Now you need to improve your visibility in local search results. So when people look for your services, they see your business most prominently.

Local citations are references in online directories to your business that include your contact information.

Local citations affect your local SEO rating and how highly your business shows up in search results.

Let us manage your citation listings and increase your visibility in local searches.

What we do

We confirm your correct business address, and contact details. This is what Google refers to as NAP (name, address and phone). We submit this information and your website/social media links consistently to online directories. This helps search engines build a profile of where your business is physically located which increases your presence in local search results.

We submit to 50 of the top Australian business directories but there are 3 main ones that we concentrate on. These directly influence the major search engines and are really the ones that your customers are likely to use. They are Google Business Profile, Bing Places and Apple Connect.

It maybe that you already have some of these, if that's the case we will swap in additional directory listings.

This price is per physical location. If you have multiple addresses then it needs to be repeated for each one.

What's included

Business listings

Get your business details listed on Google, Microsoft Bing and Apple Maps. PLUS: 50 other top Australian Business directories.

$499 one time payment

Things you might like to know

What is the Google Map Pack?
The Google Map Pack, often referred to as the Local Pack, is a feature in Google's search results that displays a list of local businesses at the top of Google's search results page, just below the paid advertisements and above the organic search results. The results shown are geographically closest to the searcher or within the location specified in the search query. To be included in the map pack you need to have a Google Business Profile and consistent NAP information available from multiple sources. Everything that is included in our service!
How can I get Google reviews?
To get Google reviews you need to first setup your Google Business Profile, this is where your reviews 'live'.
What is NAP, and why is it important?
NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It is important that you are using the same format and details for your NAP across all listings without any discrepancies. Search engines use NAP information to determine the relevance of a business to a search query. Consistent NAP information helps improve a business's search engine rankings for local searches.
Can I setup business listings myself?
Yes, you can make a list of Australian Business Directories then submit your business details to each one. However, it will take a long time and you need to make sure your NAP is absolutely consistant or it could actually damage your website SEO. Much easier to leave it to us and get on with running your business.
What are the business directories you use?
We don't give our full list away but it contains citation sites with high domain authority (the ones that help your SEO the most) such as truelocal, tomtom, and nextdoor. We specifically target Australian listings sites.
What happens if our business details change?
If your business details change then you should update them in all your listings as soon as possible. At happypath we keep a record of all the listings we have submitted for you so we can resubmit your updated details. There is a repeat charge for this as it is time consuming.
What do I do if my business has multiple locations?
Our listings service covers one physical address so if you are operating from multiple locations you need to repeat the process for each one.
What do I do if my business does not operate from a physical address?
This service is aimed at businesses with physical locations so it's probably not of use to you. However you can set your Google Business Listing up as a Service Area Business, this will require your home address but you can opt to not have it show on the profile. You can specify which areas your business operates in.

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